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Work smarter for greater productivity

As part of its activities for the Productivity Awareness Week (May 14 – 18, 2012), the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development is promoting a culture of productive employment amongst our population.

But what does Productivity means?
Productivity is simply defined as the efficient use of resources, labour and materials for the production of goods and services. In other words, it is about doing more in less time and increased performance in the hours worked.

Minister boosts workplace ties with Sainte Anne Resort & Spa visit

Minister Idith Alexander on Friday visited the Sainte Anne Resort & Spa as part of this year’s plan of action to strengthen collaboration with workplace organisations on labour and employment issues.

Ms Alexander has the portfolio for Labour and Human Resources Development and has started a series of visits to work places with the aim of familiarising her new administration with heads of organisations while strengthening existed partnership for better understanding of issues and challenges being encountered.

Employment Department intensify efforts to assist Jobseekers through series of district meetings

Press Release: 15th July 2011. - The Employment Department in Ministry of Education, Employment and Human Resources is organising a series of meetings for jobseekers throughout the month of July and August for all districts on Mahe as well as Praslin and La Digue.

This initiative follows the President’s National Day Address on 18th June 2011, with the main objective to provide jobseekers with a platform to voice out their concerns and any questions they may have on procedures relating to job searching. The meeting will also identify the main difficulties jobseekers are facing while seeking employment.   

International Labour Organisation (ILO) assists Employment Department to finalize review of Employment Act 1995

Ministry of Education, Employment and Human Resources
Employment Department



A one day workshop organised in partnership with ILO was held on Wednesday 9th of March at 0900hrs at the STC Conference Room to open discussions on finalizing the review of the National Employment Act 1995. Ms. Angelika Muller, a labour law expert from the ILO headquarters Geneva was present to facilitate the workshop.  

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