Mr. Jules Baker was born in Seychelles on 5th March 1973. He has one daughter.Ps Jules Baker

Mr Baker undertook his primary education at La Misère School and upon completion of two years of National Youth Service, he joined the Seychelles Polytechnic. Mr Baker holds a Diploma in Labour Studies from Ruskin College in Oxford, United Kingdom (1996), an LLB Honours in Law and Business from the University of Lincoln, United Kingdom (2015).

Mr Baker served for more than 25 years in the Government and the Ministry responsible for Employment. He has wide knowledge on employment legislation. He started as a social worker in 1993 in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, then moved as Employment Assistant in 1995 and Assistant Employment Officer in 1999. For a brief seven months, Mr Baker was  appointed as Acting Director of Occupational Safety and Health section in 2001.

 He found one of his passion by working closely with the International Labour Organization, when he assumed the position of Director for International Relations in October 1999. He left the Ministry in August 2005 to join the Seychelles Port Authority as a Corporate Services Manager and returned in September 2009 following his appointment as the Director General of Labour Relations and Employment Promotion.

After completion of his first degree, Mr Baker occupied the post of Technical Advisor of the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development and shortly after was appointed as Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Seychelles Public Transport Corporation. He then became the Chief Executive Officer of the Property Management Company in March 2016, up to October 2016.

On 1st November 2016, Mr Baker was appointed in the post of Principal Secretary for Employment Department.

Besides, from his active involvement in employment matters, Mr Baker has also contributed in education where he was Chairperson of Parents & Teachers’ Association for the English River secondary school and he is to date the Chairperson of the Teachers’ Council of Seychelles.