The Praslin/ La Digue Outstation Offices perform the same duties as those carried out on Mahe and focuses on ensuring that those actively seeking employment have access to employment opportunities and compliance with the labour laws governing Seychelles.  On Praslin, the office is based at Baie Ste Anne and on La Digue, the office is situated at La Passe. 

The functions of the Outstation Offices include: 

  • Ensuring the implementation of the national employment policy and ensure process applications for employment of non – Seychellois
  • Maintaining partnership with relevant stakeholders on employment matters.
  • Assuring that working conditions as stipulated in the Employment Act and subsequent legislation /regulations are being respected at all times
  • Proposing, implementing and reinforcing legislation for the maintenance of good industrial relations and to establish and maintain systems for industrial relations best practices in work places through regular inspections and site visits.
  • Advising workers and employers on matters of relevance to employment law receive, analyze complaints from clients and seek the settlement of grievances by means of meditation and conciliation
  • Ensuring the welfare of non-Seychellois workers in the country