Frequently asked questions for the Employment Services Section


How do I apply for a job ?
Once you have obtained a valid job card, you can apply for a job through an Employment Agency The Agency will forward your details to the employer upon the closing date of the advert In cases where an employer does not seek the services of an employment agency, a jobseeker can apply directly to the employer, for eg; through a newspaper advert Method of application can be in a standard application form It is the responsibility of the employer to contact the applicants for an interview
How do I prepare for a job interview
You will need to bring along your CV or any relevant documents You will have to be punctual and present yourself in the best possible manner It is advisable that you learn some background information about the organization
I am a jobseeker, what are the requirements to get a job?
You must; Be between 15 to 62 yrs of age Register with a Private Employment Agency or Employment Offices on Praslin & La Digue to obtain a job Have an updated Curriculum Vitae and copies of certificates (academic, technical, vocational training)  
What are the documents that job seekers need to bring along with them when coming for registration searching for employment?
CV (if they do not have one  officer will prepare one for them), ID card, school certificates, references, Police Character Certificate, valid driving license (if searching for driving duties or post that requires a valid driving license)
What are the documents that needs to be submitted with application when seeking approval to retain or employment a worker beyond retirement age?
Copy of fitness certificate, copy of Gainful Occupational Permit (in the case of a non-Seychellois) , copy of passport (in the case of a non- Seychellois), processing fee of SR 200/-
What should I do once I have secured Employment ?
Perform your assigned duties in an efficient and professional manner Inform his/her immediate supervisor of possible lateness or absenteeism Uphold a good level of discipline in the workplace
Where can I register for a job?
A job card contains your personal information and other details provided by the employer upon your recruitment. Job Plus – Tel Nº: 4322020, Oceangate House Room 12 ACE – Tel Nº: 2719265/2833377 Olivier Maradam Building  Rising Moon Employment Agency - Tel Nº: 2826232/4326228/2875086, Olivier Maradam Building- Cornerstone Building, Room 4  The Recruiters - Tel Nº: 2525776 ,Steven Delhomme Apartment (Ground Floor) Blue Line Manpower Recruitment Agency - Tel Nº: 4322011/2565109 MV’s Recruitment Agency - Tel Nº: 2869333, F3- 02 Oceanic House Zone 18 Providence Industrial Estate 
Where can I view job vacancies?
Contact or visit Private Employment Agencies Job vacancy TV advert Newspapers Service Providers at District level Employment Department website