Sixty senior managers and senior supervisors in government, paratatal agencies and from the private sector are attending a three-day leadership workshop to boost their capacity to better deliver as leaders in their respective organisations.

All involved ministries along with stakeholders have an active role to play in coming with strategies to encourage more young people to join the agricultural sector, thus paving the way for the next generation of farmers.

The productivity unit within the employment department in the Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs, yesterday ran another workers’ education programme to promote productivity in the work place.

This took place at the Club 55, the Seychelles Trading Company’s (STC) social centre on Latanier Road. The three-day training is reserved for STC staff under the theme ‘Productivity concepts’.

Representatives of employers, employees and workers’ unions and other concerned stakeholders yesterday morning came together to discuss the quarantine and isolation leave in regards to abuses by people who are close contact as well as the 13th month pay policy.

Air Seychelles’ application to make redundant 10 pilots in accordance with the provision of the Employment Act 1995, has not been approved by the employment department.

In a press communiqué issued yesterday, the employment department wrote:

“Air Seychelles submitted an application to make redundant 10 pilots in accordance with the provision of the Employment Act 1995.

“After both parties were heard in the consultation process, employment department did not approve the redundancy. The parties have been notified and Air Seychelles has a right of appeal to the minister within seven days.

“The process is still ongoing and the department cannot make any comment so as not to compromise the evidence in the case.”


Communiqué from the employment department

People will no longer be able to take it upon themselves to go into quarantine but will have to get confirmation from the public health authority, principal secretary for employment Jules Baker has said

This follows the Cabinet of Ministers’ approval this week for the annual leave regulations to be amended in order to allow employers to oblige their employees to take leave in cases where they have been declared as close contacts of a Covid-19 positive person.

More leaders, managers and supervisors in government and parastatal agenciesare following another series of training to boost their capacity and skills to make the activities of their organisations more transparent, accountable through good governance.

Sexual and gender-based violence refers to any act that is perpetrated against a person's will and is based on gender norms and unequal power relationships.

It includes physical, emotional or psychological and sexual violence, and denial of resources or access to services.