Tripartite Sensitization Workshop on Social Dialogue conducted for Members of the National Consultative Committee on Employment


The Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs in collaboration with the International Labour Organization organised a Tripartite Sensitization Workshop on Social Dialogue for Members of the National Consultative Committee on Employment (NCCE) of Seychelles on 22nd and 23rd August, 2023. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Limpho Mandoro, Social Dialogue and Labour Administration Specialist of the ILO Decent Work Team, based in Pretoria, South Africa.

Social dialogue, based on respect for freedom of association and the right to effective collective bargaining, has a crucial role in designing national policies that promote social justice, social and economic progress, improved wages and working conditions, sustainable enterprises, stakeholder participation and inclusion.

The workshop was officially opened by Minister Patricia Francourt, was attended by the members of the NCCE, and the other registered trade unions of workers and of employers in view of the contribution they have to make in strengthening social dialogue in the country.

During the workshop, the ILO Specialist - Mr Mandoro briefly introduced the participants to the ILO and the decent work agenda, then sensitised them on principles of social dialogue, its benefits and requisite conditions for its effectiveness.

After a scene-setting presentation on national legislation and policy on social dialogue, the Seychelles Federation of Workers’ Union (SFWU) and the General Employers Trade Union of Seychelles (GETUS), respectively the most representative workers’ organisation and the most representative employers' organisation, presented their perspective on the current and emerging challenges facing social dialogue in the Seychelles and the way forward, which led to a general discussion.

On the second day, Mr Mandoro presented the international standards that support social dialogue, and comparative models / typologies of social dialogue institutions and practices.

This was followed by a discussion on impediments to effective social dialogue in the Seychelles to agree on remedial action, assess the implementation of previous programmes in the area of social dialogue, and discuss future capacity building on social dialogue to the tripartite partners (per constituency or collectively) and support to the NCCE as an institution.  



Editor’s note:

The National Consultative Committee on Employment (NCCE) is a committee appointed by the Minister, in consultation with the organisation of workers and employers, to advise the Minister on matters relating to industrial relations and any specific matter referred to the Committee by the Minister.