Nov 19, 2020 301times

Inter-Ministerial collaboration is key for successful implementation of strategies.

Meeting in progressMeeting in progress

Minister Francourt and Minister Fonseka have established a platform whereby together they are leading a team of officers from their respective Ministries in a fortnightly consultative meeting on pertinent issues concerning their respective portfolios requiring quick action. This is in line with commitment made at the very first Cabinet of Minister’s meeting on statement of action for the first 100 days.

On 19th November they had an introductory meeting to establish different strategies related to jobseekers on the labour market as well as GOP holders currently occupying a post in the country.

A second meeting was held on 3rd December with focus on quality disaggregated data and its classification. Other stakeholders were invited from Economic Planning Department, DICT and Central Bank. The consultative meetings will continue and where found necessary other stakeholders will be invited including the private sector.