The Pre-vocational Unit is responsible to administer the Skills Development Programme (SDP).


SDP delivers employability skills to unskilled youth between 15-30 years through on the job training over a period ranging from 6 to 18 months depending on the career area chosen.

The programme aims to enable youth such as school dropouts, single parents, and individual who have not completed their studies at a professional centre to make a successful transition to employment.


Procedures to Register

  • ID Card
  • Bank Details
  • CV + Passport Photo
  • School Certificates or Reference
  • Birth Certificate of child (from 0-3 years)

- IGCSE & DELF Certificates if any


Benefits on the Programme

  • Participants from15-17 will receive an allowance Sr. 1600 plus Sr. 300/- for bus pass
  • Participants from 18-20 years will receive R2500 plus Sr.300 for bus pass.
  • Certificate of Achievement upon Completion of the programme
  • Engage in full time employment