“My First Job” Scheme is to get young graduates from Professional Centres working — either through employment or by starting their own business. In the process, the Government is:

  • helping young people gain important career skills, experience and guidance
  • sparking new interest in entrepreneurship
  • partnering with employers, educators, industry and not-for-profits to support young workers

The scheme is also an incentive for employers to recruit graduates who have successfully completed their studies at a Professional Centres on their very first job.

Under the programme, Employer will pay the graduates the salary of the post that the graduate is employed to occupy. In return, the Government will refund 40% of the salary paid to each graduate who are employed by Private companies for a period of one year. The refund is capped at SCR 7000 a month.

The graduate from Day one is like a normal worker employed by the organization. The only difference is that part of the salary is contributed by the government for a period of one year.

After the one year the employer will cover the Full salary of the graduate.