The Technical Specialist on Blue Economy and Green Jobs at the International Labour Organisation, Mr. Fayçal Boureima, has on 5th – 6th February 2024 conducted a Validation Workshop on A Rapid Skills Assessment conducted in regards to the Circular Economy.  

The Report is part of a Joint Programme supported by the ILO to advance Seychelles’ green and blue economy agenda, specifically the Circular Economy so as to drive sustainable growth and job creation.

As such the report seeks to assess the current and emerging skills supply and demand for the circular economy in Seychelles. Furthermore, while the report acknowledges that Seychelles is committed to waste management through recycling and the development of the circular economy, this should also be supported with skills and human resource planning to further enable the implementation of the country’s ambitions

Circular Economy is a model for sustainability in resource use and consumption and is founded on the produce-use-service-reuse principle. One of its principles is to rely more on reuse, repair, and recycling while reducing the extraction of raw materials.

Participants also developed a roadmap for the establishment and institutionalization of a social dialogue mechanism on Just Transition to a circular and blue economy. They also validated a project proposal on the subject with special attention to skills development.

The two-day validation workshop held at Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort and Casino brought together tripartite participation of both Government, Employers’ and Workers’ Union.

Mr. Fayçal Boureima, also paid a courtesy call on the Director General of Labour Relations at the Employment Department, Mr. Steve Monnaie on Wednesday 6th February to brief him about the outcomes of his working visit to the country, especially in regards to the importance of social dialogue in moving forward.

In concluding his mission, Mr. Boureima and officials from the Employment Department, met with Ms. Kim Samy, Programme Development Officer of the Department of Blue Economy who provided a brief overview of the work undertaken thus far in regards to the development of the circular economy.

Mr. Boureima, on the other hand provided insight on possible assistance the ILO can provide to the country in furthering circular economy in Seychelles.