The Employment Department recently met with stakeholders to validate the draft state party report on the United Nations Convention ‘protection of the rights of all migrant workers and members of their families’ at the Department’s conference room.

The Convention was ratified by Seychelles in 1994 and initial state party report was submitted in 2015.

The validation focused on responding to the list of issues prior to reporting raised by the Convention’s Committee. Participants had the opportunity to provide additional information, clarify existing laws, policies and practices of their respective organization and provide statistics related to migration.

It was noted that migrant workers represent an important component of the Seychelles employed population due to labour demand and skills shortages. Notable achievements have been made during the reporting period to protect the rights of migrant workers and facilitate their social integration.

Seychellois residing abroad (diaspora) has also been further recognized. It is anticipated that further domestication will be carried out in terms of promotion of the Convention, finalization of national legislation, addressing data gaps and enforcement of human rights.