Stakeholders participate in validation workshop on determining drivers of informality research


The Employment Department in collaboration with the International Labour Organization (ILO) organized a validation workshop on Tuesday 28th November 2023 at the Coral Strand Hotel conference room, to discuss the findings and recommendations of the research on ‘determining drivers of informality and legislative framework for formalization of the informal economy in Seychelles.’


The aims of the research were to analyse the barriers to formalization of informal businesses and informal employment and also assess the factors leading the informal economy. The research was conducted by an international Consultant Mr Stephane Reuse following consultations made with national stakeholders in March of this year and it is also supporting objectives of the National Employment Policy, the Employment Department’s Strategic plan and the Seychelles Decent Work Country Programme (2019- 2023).


Informal employment is one of the key challenges of the labour market alongside youth unemployment. The Quarterly Labour Force Survey published by the National Bureau of Statistics show the annual informal employment rate of 16.9% in 2020 with males being predominately represented at 25.3% compared to females at 8.8%. Youths are equally affected with an annual informal employment of 19.5%, males being 27.8% and females 11.7%.


Participants of the workshop proposed an action plan of priority interventions in the next coming years that Seychelles could implement to address informality under the four main branches affecting informality; Regulation, Production, Representation and Social Welfare and employment conditions.


20 participants were in attendance representing various institutions; Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs, National Bureau of Statistics, Ministry of Education, Seychelles Pension Fund, Seychelles Revenue Commission, Seychelles Licensing Authority, Entrepreneurship Department, Agriculture Department, Fisheries Department, Trade Department, Tourism Department, United workers Seychelles, and General Employers Trade Union of Seychelles.