Labour Market Information System for Seychelles

Data Preparation workshop



A one-week workshop is underway to complete the capacity building activities for the implementation of the Labour Market Information System (LMIS) for Seychelles - a system to enhance labour market efficiency by providing actors with relevant and timely information for decision-making.


It provides an essential basis for employment and labour policies, including the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies that are better focused and targeted, while at the same time consolidating labour market data collected from different providers in the public and private sectors.


The project being developed in phases, is spearheaded by the Employment Department in collaboration with the National Bureau of Statistics, the Department of Information and Communication Technology and the International Labour Organisation.


It is being facilitated by Mr Edgardo Greising – the Head of Unit of Knowledge Management Solutions, department of statistics of the International Labour Organisation.



A master plan has been built with the definition of the indicators that will be part of the first dissemination phase of the LMIS, whose conceptual framework will be the Decent Work Indicators framework, complemented with other indicators compiled from different available data sources.


After the SDMX and Data modelling workshop held in November 2022, the Team working on the project prepared the structural metadata according to the Master Plan. During the 5-day workshop, the data model is being assessed and data managers are being trained in the process of data preparation and upload.


19 participants, including statisticians, IT producers and LMIS IT Specialists from different local institutions are attending the sessions at Coral Strand Hotel which ends on Friday 24th November.


They are from the Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs, National Bureau of Statistics, Department of Information Communications Technology, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Seychelles Pension Fund, Seychelles Revenue Commission, Central Bank of Seychelles, Immigration Department, Seychelles Licensing Authority, Entrepreneurship Department, Registrar Division, and Economic Planning Department.