Sweden - Seychelles Partnership


The Honorary Consul for Sweden, Lennart Swenson accompanied by Kathrin Alexandra from the UMEA University of Sweden called on Minister Patricia Francourt for a brief meeting on Monday 13th November 2023.

Ms Alexandra briefed Minister Francourt on the health setting of Sweden, notably the UMEA University, that provides a range of training in health services. Sweden and Seychelles signed an MOU in 2004 and since then, there has been various exchange projects.

A short video presentation on the collaboration with Seychelles was shared showcasing a project between La Digue School and Sweden and an exchange visit of health professionals along with members of the Seychelles Alzheimer’s Foundation to have firsthand experience on the programme for Alzheimer care.

The UMEA University wishes to extend the partnership to share their expertise in social care, training of care givers and also establish the proper model for screening and early detection of people with signs of Alzheimer so that they can get the appropriate care.

Minister Francourt thanked Honorary Consul Swenson and Ms Alexandra for the insight on the on-going corporation and emphasized that the focus on early identification of telltale signs of people suffering from Alzheimer and dementia is crucial to determine the level and quality of care those people should be getting.

The discussion has come at an opportune time when the Seychelles Home Care Agency is preparing to develop a training programme of care givers. The Agency stands to benefit from the expertise of UMEA University.

The Principal Secretary for Social Affairs Department Linda William-Melanie and CEO Daniel Kallee of the Seychelles Home Care Agency were also in attendance.