More young people to be groomed for world of work.

Thirty young men and women have embarked on a three-month ‘Prepare for Work’ programme aimed at providing personal and professional skills to young people, aged between 15 and 30 years of age, so as to prepare them for the world of work.

Initiated by the Ministry of Employment, Immigration and Civil Status in collaboration with The Guy Morel Institute (TGMI) last year, the ‘Prepare For Work’ programme promises the youths with a transformative process and a second chance to be the best of themselves.

The 30 young people are the second cohort to undertake the programme following the first cohort which graduated in September last year. The second round of the programme was officially launched yesterday by the minister responsible for employment, Myriam Thelemaque, during a brief ceremony at TGMI. The majority of the new cohort consists of those who recently completed S5 but who were not accepted into a post secondary institution.

During their sessions at the TGMI, the lecturers will impart knowledge and skills to the participants including personal awareness, values, visions, mindset, professional skills, respect, interview skills, behaviour and office etiquette, work ethics and also on IT and entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, through the department of employment, the participants will also follow a skills development programme, lasting six to 18 months, wherein they will be placed at various work organisations.

During this period, they will be provided with allowances of R2500 to R3000, daycare assistance and bus pass. In her speech for the occasion yesterday, Minister Thelemaque noted that the first round of the ‘Perpare For Work’ programme has shown that the programme has great potential for the long run.

“I say this because many benefitted from the programme last year and from that cohort, around 90% are in employment and are doing quite well in their chosen career,” the minister explained.

“For this year, my ministry has registered 205 youths who want to join the skills development programme[…] Our country is counting on all of you to join the world of work and be an integral part of the country’s development.”

Minister Thelemaque asked the new cohort of the ‘Prepare For Work’ to reflect on the fact that not all youths are provided with this type of opportunity and hence to make the most of it.

“Learn as much as you possibly can so that you can pass on your experience to others and support each other, but most importantly develop exemplary social and work behaviour,” she noted.

Minister Thelemaque concluded that her ministry remains committed to ensuring that all unemployed youths in the country received the necessary support and guidance. On her part, the executive director of TGMI, Shella Mohideen, stated that the programme is a second chance for the youths to achieve their potential and to discover their purpose. Mrs Mohideen stressed that failing an exam or not getting into a post-secondary does not mean that the participants are failures. Rather, she continued, the participants should see it is a challenge to overcome and continue to strive hard towards progress. The ‘Prepare For Work’ programme is hoping to shape these young men and women into resilient youths and the second cohort are expected to start their sessions at TGMI as from March

Seychelles Nation