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Industrial Relations Section

Industrial Relations Section


The Industrial Relations Section promotes effective dialogue between employers, workers and Government and maintains systems for industrial relations best practices in the workplace with a view to foster industrial harmony.

The functions of the Industrial Relations Section include:

  • proposing, implementing and reinforcing legislation for the maintenance of good industrial relations and
  • establishing and maintaining systems for industrial relations best practices in workplaces;
  • implementing information, education and communication programmes for the promotion of good industrial relations
  • ensuring the protection of workers’ fundamental rights in accordance with national legislation and ratified international conventions

The Industrial Relation Section is made up of the Registration and Advisory Unit, the Mediation and Conciliation Unit and the Prosecution and Enforcement Unit, each with their specific purpose.

Registration and Advisory Unit
The functions of this Unit include :

  • Receiving and analyzing complaints from clients
  • Advising workers and employers on matters to which Employment Legislation is of relevance.

Conciliation and Mediation Unit
The functions of this Unit include :

  • Seeking the settlement of grievances concerning the terms and conditions of employment by means of mediation and conciliation
  • Authorizing the termination of employees in cases where the authorization is required, after carrying out the necessary consultations with both parties
  • Providing assistance in negotiations of agreements covering terms and conditions of employment including collective agreements.

Prosecution and Enforcement Unit
The functions of this Unit include :

  • Prosecuting defaulters for non- compliance with labour legislation and by filing new cases before the Employment Tribunal
  • Advising on loopholes, making proposals and participate in the review of labour legislation 


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