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Tips for improving productivity

Tips for improving productivity

As individuals, if we are to improve productivity, we need to have positive work attitudes. This encompasses having qualities such as pride in our work, the need to continue to strive for self-improvement, an excellent sense of responsibility and the desire to work towards long term goals. If we do possess these qualities, they can lead to increases creativity and innovation.


Below are some simple steps to help you to be more productive;


1. On your way to work, get yourself motivated to face the day. A positive attitude will make the day more pleasant and productive.

2. Keep your work in perspective. You can only do the best you can in each situation. Look beyond yourself and your work, and consider the bigger picture.

3. Plan your time. In your to-do list include long term projects as well as the more imminent things that need doing. Prioritize your to-do list - do the most important things first.

4. Concentrate on the task at hand. Do not let yourself be distracted by worrying about all the other things to be done or losing energy over the undesirable situation you find yourself in. Stay in the moment.

5. Seek clarification anytime you are not sure or where you are faced with conflicting demands. The more clear and open you are with your manager and the other people you work with, the better it will be for you in the long term.

6. Delegate wherever appropriate. Decide if there is anything that can be delegated, or that more fairly belongs to someone else's work load.

8. Contribute towards creating a pleasant work environment. Do not gossip in the office as it just creates negativity all around. Do not listen to any gossip either.

9. Keep your workplace clean. A clean environment is more conducive to work in.

10. Review your day before you leave for home. Look at what worked well, and what could     be improved the next day.

11. Learn new skills as this will help you to improve yourself.

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