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Rights and Responsibility

Rights and Responsibilities


Duties During Recruitment

  1. Respect employment minimum age limit
  2. Ensure written contract is provided
  3. Ensure that the right type of contract is provided for the type of work being performed (fixed term normally goes with work of fixed nature)
  4. Ensure that the contracts contain specifications legally prescribed
  5. Ensure the employee gets a copy of the contract
  6. Ensure that the employee is aware there is a probation period if applicable
  7. Ensure that jobseekers have a valid job card 

During Employment 

  1. Ensure payment of wages in accordance with the law
  2. Provide payslips and keep record of payment
  3. Ensure all employment conditions of the worker are being respected. i.e leave, overtime, PH, rest periods etc..
  4. Ensure any variations in the terms and conditions of the contract are done with the consent of the worker.
  5. Ensure disciplinary and grievance procedures are in place
  6. Ensure that any commission of offences is investigated before any action is taken and ensure the employee has a chance to provide an explanation

After employment/termination of contracts

  1. Ensure proper procedure is followed in terms of terminating a contract of employment. In case of redundancy approval has to be sought from employment department.
  2. Ensure all legal benefits are paid to the worker where applicable
  3. Ensure the employee is given a certificate of employment as stipulated by law


While Seeking Employment

  1. When job seeking ensure you have a CV and you present yourself in the best possible manner
  2. Have all relevant documents ready for interviews
  3. Always be punctual for interviews and be courteous and polite.
  4. Research the job prior to interview if possible to show the employer your interest in the job

During Employment

  1. Ensure punctuality
  2. Ensure a good level of discipline
  3. Perform your work to the best of your ability
  4. Be prepared to do extra if necessary
  5. Ensure you have a contract of employment and you are aware of the terms and conditions therein.
  6. Inform supervisor of possible lateness or absenteeism

After Employment

  1. Ensure proper handover of work where necessary
  2. Ensure that you are given a certificate of employment
  3. Labour department may assist in case of doubt
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