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Productivity awareness week

Productivity Awareness Week

The Productivity Awareness Week is organized every year under a specific theme. Various activities are organized for workers, employers, and students. The following activities were organized for: the following years:


Activities 2013

  • Workshop on ”Performance Management”
  • Different organizations were invited to showcase productivity issues and best practices and included the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, ANHRD, Public Utilities Corporation, Seychelles Trading Company, Islands Development Company, Allied Builder and Indian Ocean Tuna Limited. For future activities, the Ministry plans to encourage more organizations in the Public Service to participate
  • Production of TV spots in various Sectors of the economy illustrating pertinent issues impacting on productivity, the culture of hard work, best practices and innovative ways of promoting the National Theme FOR 2013
  • Public Speaking Competitions for Schools  to educate students on the issue and importance of productivity at early age
  • Dissemination of productivity issues in print media and
  • Radio phone-in, outlining issues affecting productivity

Activities 2014


  • Re-launching of the Productivity Working Group
  • Conference – Determination for greater productivity
  • Sessions with S4 / S5 Students and members of the public on tertiary training opportunities given by the Agency for National Human Resource Development (ANHRD) and how to set up and manage a small business by a rep
  • Fair and Exhibition to showcase employment opportunities available in various sectors of industries and promote Human Resource Development and entrepreneurship.
  • Sensitization Campaign through television spots on attitudes and work ethics in the workplace
  • Dissemination of productivity  articles in the newspaper and
  • Radio interview on promoting productivity and the importance of hard work
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