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Procedures for Inspection

Procedures for Inspection

Procedures for inspections include:

  • Enforcing the labour laws, related regulation and applicable national standards;
  • Advising employers and workers on how to best comply with the legal framework;
  • Reporting to superiors on problems and defects not covered by regulations; and may, if national laws so provides, also enforce or monitor collective agreements
  • Promoting harmonious relations and social dialogue between employers and workers;
  • Investigating complaints, and conciliating in disputes between employers and workers;


Labour Inspectors can do this through different types of visits which include;


  • On invitation
  • Accident Investigation
  • As a check up
  • Complaints
  • Routine


The Labour and Monitoring Unit ensure that workplaces comply with the following Labour Laws;

1.Occupational Safety and Health Decree 1978, chapter 151

2.Occupational Safety and Health (Construction Industry, Confined Space and Welding) Regulations 1991

3.Occupational safety and Health (Miscellaneous) Regulations 1991

4.Occupational Safety and Health( Health and Welfare Rgulations )1991

5.Occupational Health and Safety (MEDICAL TEST EXAMINATIONS)Regulations 2003

6.Occupational Health and Safety Decree (AMENDMENT)ACT 1999

7.Occupational Safety and Health (Dock Work) Regulations ,2012

8.Occupational Safety and Health(Safety Officers) Regulations ,2012


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