Procedure for Non-Seychellois Workers

1. The Employer makes the application on form provided by the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development submitting the following documents as applicable:


NB: Application Forms will not be processed if any of the above documents are not attached. In case of renewals, the application should be made no later than 2 months before the GOP expires.

Note: Procedures to advertise vacancies for the following will not apply : 


2. The application should be submitted to the Labour Migration Section of the Ministry, at Oliaji Trade Centre, State House Avenue, Room 4, 2nd Floor in due time for processing


3. The minimum time for the processing of the application will be 3 working days and maximum 9 working days.


4. If there is a need for further investigation to ascertain the information submitted by the Employer, the case may be delayed but should not take more than 3 working days.


5. If the application is approved, the Ministry will provide the Employer with a certificate confirming that there is no Seychellois available at present time to take up the post.


6. Once approval has been given by the Ministry, the Employer will be required to present the certificate to the Immigration Division when applying for a Gainful Occupation Permit for the Non-Seychellois. 


7. Appeal Process: Where an Employer is not satisfied with a decision, the Employer may appeal in writing to the Minister for Labour and Human Resource Development. The appeal should be handled within a period of 7 working days from the date of the decision. An Employer who fails to appeal within the specified time frame loses the right of appeal. All cases of appeal have to be approved by the Minister for Labour and Human Resource Development.


Note: Employers are advised that the timeframe to submit another application once the appeal process is over is 6 months and above.


Duration of Appeal Process: minimum 4 working days, maximum 5 working days.