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Employment Department intensify efforts to assist Jobseekers through series of district meetings

Press Release: 15th July 2011. - The Employment Department in Ministry of Education, Employment and Human Resources is organising a series of meetings for jobseekers throughout the month of July and August for all districts on Mahe as well as Praslin and La Digue.

This initiative follows the President’s National Day Address on 18th June 2011, with the main objective to provide jobseekers with a platform to voice out their concerns and any questions they may have on procedures relating to job searching. The meeting will also identify the main difficulties jobseekers are facing while seeking employment.   

Aside from Employment Department officials, representatives of various private Employment Agencies will also be participating in this exercise and this will be the ideal opportunity for jobseekers to register and ultimately secure employment.

The first meetings will starts on Monday 18th July 2011 for Anse Aux Pins district at the Community Centre at 1.30pm followed by Anse Royale on Wednesday and Pointe Larue on Friday.  

 All meetings will be held in the District Community Centre unless otherwise indicated. Details for other district meetings will be communicated as the meetings take place on a weekly basis.

The Employment Department is launching a special appeal to all jobseekers to take advantage of this opportunity placed at their disposal to facilitate access to and secure employment.
1st  GROUP

District                      Date                  Time                  Venue

A.    Aux Pins          18/07/11             1.30pm                Community Centre

Anse Royale            20/07/11             1.30pm                Community Centre

Pte Larue                22/07/11             1.30pm                Community Centre

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