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Minister boosts workplace ties with Sainte Anne Resort & Spa visit

Minister Idith Alexander on Friday visited the Sainte Anne Resort & Spa as part of this year’s plan of action to strengthen collaboration with workplace organisations on labour and employment issues.

Ms Alexander has the portfolio for Labour and Human Resources Development and has started a series of visits to work places with the aim of familiarising her new administration with heads of organisations while strengthening existed partnership for better understanding of issues and challenges being encountered.


She was accompanied by principal secretary Veronique Bresson and other high officials in the ministry.

They held talks with the hotels’ senior management which focused on Seychellois staff’s development.

The delegation visited most sections of the hotel and talked to staff who reported positive changes and great satisfaction with their working environment.

Compared to a visit made to the hotel last year after many complaints from Seychellois workers against some expatriate staff of the hotel, the minister expressed great satisfaction on the improvement of working conditions which has resulted on decreased staff turnover and zero complaints to the ministry since the start of this year.

“I am well satisfied with the setting up of a new training department within the hotel which will no doubt help to increase staff knowledge and give further skills according to its specific needs through tailor-made programmes both local and regional, which could be adopted by other large tourism establishments,” said Ms Alexander

She commented on the need for large hotels to upgrade Seychellois workers to middle management positions after proper training and gained experience, as is the case at Sainte Anne Resort & Spa where 35% of management positions are being occupied by Seychellois.

The resort now has 70% local and 30% expatriate staff – a complete reverse of the 2011 statistics.

Ms Alexander called on all organisations not to perceive the labour department as a watchdog, but rather a partner to enhance human resource development and capacity building in the country.

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