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Friday, 01 December 2017 07:59

Third Human Resource Forum for the year 2017

Hrforum 3

Third Human Resource Forum for the year 2017


The Ministry of Employment, Immigration and Civil Status held the third Human Resource Forum for the year 2017 on Thursday the 9th of November at the STC Conference room. As established, the Human Resource Forum is a platform for consultation and sharing of knowledge and best practices between Human Resource Managers and Directors from the private sector as a means of strengthening the partnership between the Ministry and the Private sector.

Hrforum 2

Two main presentations were made at the forum meeting. The first one featured the Occupational Health, Safety and Standard Awareness service provider, Mrs Tina Hoareau on the consultancy and training services on offer at S&S Consultancy. She enlightened the forum of the necessity for safety measures and the various services her consultancy can provide. The members of the forum had the opportunity to present their questions on the presentation.

Hrforum 1

The Forum was chaired by the Principal Secretary for the Employment Department Mr. Jules Baker and was attended by companies from different industries such as Construction, Hotels, Financial organisation and private businesses.

The second presentation was on the Seychelles Tourism Academy Training Forecast by the Senior Coordinator External Relations/Press Attache Mrs Murla Gabriel. This presentation spurred up an interactive discussion among the members of the forum from the hotels and tourism industry on their needs and requirements from the academy as well as their concerns of the curriculum content and how it affects their company. Also the academy was made aware of the needs the establishments present had.

Hrforum 4

The two presentations at the forum attracted interactive dialogue between members present on the issues raised both in terms of opportunities and challenges faced by the industry. They also recommended that similar presentations be welcome for subsequent meetings.

The next Forum is scheduled to take place in March 2018 and the venue remains the STC Conference Room.

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