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Thursday, 05 October 2017 09:09

Workshop to update radiation safety information in Seychelles


A half-day Infrastructure for Radiation Safety seminar for identified stakeholders took place on Monday.


Organised by the Ministry of Employment, Immigration and Civil Status in collaboration with the International Atomic Energy Commission (IAEA), the workshop was held in the conference room of the Independence House Annex, Victoria.


It falls under the follow-up mission under the new project Regulatory Infrastructure Development Project for Africa. It grouped representatives from relevant organisations, agencies, government departments involved in safety for workers and the public; in the protection of the environment; applications of radiation in medicine, industry and research;  emergency preparedness and response; management of radioactive waste (including government policy making and the strategy for the implementation of policy); safety in relation to water use and the consumption of food; land use, planning and construction; safety in the transport of dangerous goods, including nuclear material and radioactive material; customs; agriculture ... just to name a few.


These topics were showcased in various presentations for example on the applications of nuclear and radiation technology: IAEA; the setting up of a regulatory infrastructure for radiation safety: IAEA and on the current status of the legal and regulatory framework for radiation safety in the Seychelles.


The seminar was facilitated by Ahmad Al Khatibelt, head of a delegation of a team from IAEA, who will be in the country until tomorrow. Local facilitator is Steve Monnaie, director general for Labour Relations.


Present were Myriam Thelemaque, Minister for Employment, Immigration and Civil Status and principal secretary for employment, Jules Baker.


Further to an advisory mission conducted in Seychelles in June 2012, the IAEA was conducting a follow up mission under the new project, the Regulatory Infrastructure Development Project (RIDP), with the aim of updating information on the current national regulatory Infrastructure for Radiation Safety in the Seychelles. It is also to agree with the relevant stakeholders on a work plan and assistance needed to achieve the pre-required safety infrastructure so that Seychelles will be in a position to fully utilise the various nuclear and radiation applications provided by the IAEA.



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