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Press Releases

Thursday, 28 September 2017 12:03

Ministerial Visit to Seybrew


As part of her planned Ministerial Visits, the Minister of Employment, Immigration and Civil Status, Mrs Myriam Telemaque visited local beverage company, Seychelles Breweries last Friday.


The Minister was accompanied on her visit by the Principal Secretary for Employment, Mr Jules Baker, the Special Advisor for Employment Ms Veronique Bresson, the Director General for Industrial Relations Mr Steve Monnaie and Director General for Labour Migration Ms Cecile Hoareau.


The visit was an opportunity for the ministerial delegation to meet with the executive team of one of the manufacturing employer in Seychelles. Seychelles Breweries has approximately 150 employees.


Prior to engaging with the staff of Seychelles Breweries, the Minister and her entourage were given an overview of what Seychelles Breweries is all about and its role in the Seychelles' economy.

In the presentation, Minister Telemaque was briefed on the company's workforce and what are the different programmes in place to develop the capacity of the brewery's employees. The company informed the Minister of the Graduate's programme which had just been recently re- launched with the objective of building future leaders for the country.



After the presentation, the Minister visited the different departments within the brewery and had the opportunity to interact with the employees to understand whether they had any employment issues also to learn of the challenges they face and acknowledge the contribution they are making to the development of the country's economy. The Minister was also updated on the actions taken to tackle the previous issue of ammonia in the factory.


At the end of the visit, Minister Telemaque said that she was satisfied with what she has seen at the brewery in terms of the working environment of the employees. She said that the staff she had spoken to did not have any major issues and were generally satisfied with their working conditions. The few concerns raised, however, were discussed with the management after the visit and they agreed to address those concerns in the shortest possible delay.

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