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Press Releases

Thursday, 28 September 2017 11:15

Ministerial Visit to Casino Liberte


On Friday the 18th of August 2017, a Ministerial visit was made to the Casino Liberte at Anse Petit, Baie Lazare by the Minister of Employment, Immigration and Civil Status Mrs. Miriam Telemaque along with a delegation which comprised of Special Adviser, Director General Labour Relations and Director General Employment Programmes.


The management of the establishment welcomed the Minister and her delegation with warm introductions. The Marketing Executive Mrs Irina Kravchenko Ettienne led a tour through the premises of the various sections and offices. During this tour the Minister and her team met with workers on duty which provided the opportunity the opportunity to interact with them.



The objectives of the Ministerial visits are to understand the challenges faced by the private enterprises, to share best practices in managerial methods, to recognise areas for improvement as well as appreciate effort and to synchronize the partnership between the Ministry and the private establishments.


After the tour of the premises, a meeting was held between the Ministerial delegation and the management of the Casino. This meeting is the normal procedure of such visits whereby concerns and observations made are discussed in order to bring about solutions.

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