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Press Releases

Friday, 16 May 2014 00:00

Quota Entitlement for the Employment of Non-Seychellois

On 15th and 16th May 2014, the Minister for Labour and Human Resource Development, Ms Idith Alexander, conducted the first of a series of meetings aimed at informing employers of the quota entitlement for the employment of non-Seychellois workers.

The new procedures and measures which came into effect as from 15th May 2014, will facilitate the procedures for recruiting and managing non-Seychellois workers that fall within the following industries Tourism, Trade and Commerce, Financial Services, Construction, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Fisheries and Domestic Work based on the demands of the labour market.

In addition to this, the quota entitlement will work alongside the Localisation Plan, to ensure Seychellois are continuously provided with the opportunity to secure employment.

Overall, the quota entitlement has been well received by those present at the meetings and many have expressed that this is a good initiative on the part of the Ministry. In addition to this, many of the constraints they had raised in past meetings have been taken into consideration in the quota entitlement.

As well as a presentation on the different quota entitlements, the representatives from the various sectors also had to opportunity to put forward their concerns and offer suggestions. Amongst these suggestions were for the intake of post secondary students to be increased, particularly in the field of Tourism and Construction, encourage the sharing of knowledge to local workers by non-Seychellois and to reduce the salary gaps that exists between Seychellois and non-Seychellois workers.

Minister Alexander also informed the meeting attendees that quotas will be reviewed by the Committee for the Employment of Non-Seychellois (CENS) after three months. Additionally, the labour market will be continually monitored to identify any new and emerging trends.

Furthermore, as a means of monitoring compliance with the new quota entitlement, the number of joint visits carried out by the Ministry in partnership with the Ministry of Social Affairs Community Development and Sports, Ministry of Home Affairs and Transport and the Ministry of Health will be increased.

The meetings ended with the Ministry pledging the support of all the employers concerned to ensure that the quota entitlements system is successfully implemented.








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