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Friday, 16 May 2014 00:00

Ministerial Visit to La Digue Island Lodge and Mills Construction


On Friday 9th May 2014, the Minister for Labour and Human Resource Development, Ms Idith Alexander, conducted her first visit to La Digue for the year. She visited the La Digue Island Lodge at La Passe and Mills Construction Company at Belle Vue.

The La Digue Island Lodge was the first establishment to be visited. The Ministerial delegation was met by the General Manager, Mr Gregoire Payet, the Operations Manager, Mr Daniel Payet and the Human Resource Manager, Mrs Pamela Constance. Following a tour of the different departments at the hotel and interacting with the staff, a debriefing was held with management.

The points raised by staff during the visit were discussed during the debriefing session. They included a shortage of staff and other minor human resource related issue. The other points mentioned were issues identified during an inspection visit in March 2014. Minister Alexander was pleased to learn that work has already begun to rectify the issues. She also congratulated the hotel on their high staff retention rate which ranged from 10 years to 36 years.

Minister Alexander added that the ANHRD, which is which is presently conducting HR Audits in various organizations, could assist them in terms of identifying the training needs of their staff.

On their part, the management team informed the Minister that the main problem they were encountering were to recruit new staff. The hotel has recently adopted a few strategies to help with recruitment, which includes liaising with private employment agencies, the Seychelles Hospitality and Tourism Academy and they are trying as much as possible to recruit locally.

Staff recruitment was also the main concern at Mills Construction where the Minister was met by the company’s Managing Director, Mr Carl Mills at the Chateau St Cloud Hotel. Again the issue of attestation of contracts was raised following an inspection visit carried out in July 2013. Mr Mills informed the Minister that he is working to remedy the issue with the assistance of his new Hotel Manager.


The Minister was satisfied to learn that the Hotel Manager is also a graduate from Shannon College who studied Hospitality Management and Business Management.

‘‘It is good to see that you are applying your knowledge and experience from your studies in your work’ she said.


Minister Alexander ended both visits by assuring the management teams that her Ministry would assist them with the recruitment of qualified staff.








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