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Tuesday, 06 May 2014 00:00

Sports fun day

On Saturday 3rd May 2014, the Ministry for Labour and Human Resource Development, in collaboration with the National Sports Council, organized a Sports Fun Day.

This activity is amongst a series of activities being organized to celebrate Labour Day. The aim of the Sports Fun Day was to promote team work amongst the participating organizations and the importance of exercising.


A number of organizations from both the private and public sector participated in the activity which included the Ministry of Health, Seychelles Police Academy, Seychelles Peoples Defence Forces, Public Utilities Corporation, SEYPEC and Cable and Wireless.


The day was kick started with a mini marathon which saw the participation of the Minister for Labour and Human Resource Development, Minister Idith Alexander and Principal Secretary Ms Veronique Bresson. Participants then had the opportunity to participate in activities such as football, volleyball, netball, petanque, domino and number of leisure activities like the three legged race and balloon popping competition.


Like last year, the final activity for the day was the tug of war which saw stiff competition in both the male and female categories. However, the Ministry of Health came first in the female category and the Seychelles Peoples Defence Forces in the male category.


The day ended with the presentation of prices to the winners of each discipline by the Minister Alexander, Principal Secretary Bresson, other officials from the Ministry and a representative from the Seychelles Peoples Defence Forces. After tallying all the points, the Seychelles Police Academy came out as the winning organization with the Seychelles Peoples Defence Forces in second place and the Ministry of Health in third.

Overall the activity was a success and all the winners will have the chance to defend their titles next year.



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