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Monday, 04 March 2013 14:07

NHRDC talks at the School of Advanced Level Studies

The 19th February 2013 saw the first of a series of talks, aimed at post-secondary school students, for the first year students at the School of A Level Studies. This was delivered by the Chief Executive Officer of the National Human Resource Development Council (NHRDC) who was accompanied by a Human Resource Officer. This meeting was followed by another one on the 26th February with the second year students at the same school.


The purpose of the talks were to inform the students of the different careers and training opportunities available to them, upon the successful completion of their studies, since many of them were still undecided about which career path they could opt for based on their field of studies.


After being welcomed by Mrs Pillay, the students were given an overview of the roles of the NHRDC which is to develop human resources to be able to counter the shortage of skilled professionals in different sectors of the economy. Ms Francoise Mein, the Director for Training and Development, emphasized that the key to accomplishing this is through the provision of training and education.


The current situation of the labour market was explained to the students and sectors experiencing a shortage of labour, such as Business and Finance, Education, Health, Engineering, Agriculture and Fisheries and Maritime were highlighted. Students were informed of the importance of selecting employment opportunities that are in markets where there is a need or careers that feature on the national priority list.


The reason behind this is because the career choices selected by students and the labour market shortages are cross checked by the NHRDC to be able to compile a scholarship list. This list can then be presented to the students in order to finalise their course.


The different scholarship schemes currently on offer by the NHRDC and the names of the different Universities where students can study were outlined as was the High Achievers Policy.

”This is a policy where students who obtain three straight A’s are awarded a wider choice of where they want to study provided that it is one of the careers featured on the priority list” explained Mrs Pillay.


The talk ended with a round of questions from the students where their doubts and uncertainties were clarified. Mrs Pillay thanked the students for their participation and told them to feel free to visit the NHRDC offices for guidance and counseling should they have any more queries.


The students we spoke to after the presentations said that they found the talk very informative and that they now felt more confident about making their career choice.


During the year, NHRDC will also conduct talks in Secondary Schools and, new for this year, with upper Primary School students so that they will be better informed when it comes to making career and training choices for their future



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