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Press Releases

Tuesday, 29 October 2013 06:45

Ministerial Visit to Konoba Restaurant and Amalgamated Tobacco

The Minister for Labour and Human Resource Development, Ms Idith Alexander conducted workplace visits on Friday 25th October 2013 to two establishments.


For the first part of the visit, the Minister accompanied by high officials from her Ministry visited the Konoba Restaurant located at Roche Caiman where a local company has taken over the management of the Restaurant. The delegation was welcomed by Directors Mr Regis Francourt and Mr Melton Ernesta and the Executive Chef, Mr Hudson Philo who each have over 20 years of experience in the field of Tourism both locally and internationally.



The Ministerial delegation was taken on a guided tour of the Restaurant where they had the opportunity to meet and speak to staff members. The staff had no complaints in regards to their work conditions.


During the debriefing session, the Minister was pleased to note that the Management team is 100% Seychellois. Minister Alexander was also happy to learn that the Management has a budget set aside for training and staff welfare and pledged her Ministry’s support and assistance in regards to staff training and recruitment.



The Restaurant’s Management team on their part said that they are prepared to work with the Ministry to providing training for youths on the Skills Development Programme. They are also eager to offer training to individuals interested in working in the Tourism Sector and participating in short exchange programmes with other countries.


The Minister informed them that they will have to work hard to restore the Restaurants image and reputation affected as a result of past Management’s actions and that good communication is key.



On their part, the Management team gave their commitment to make positive changes to Konaba and become a role model for other restaurants and hotels. They thanked the Minister for the visit and look forward to a productive working relationship.

The second part of the visit took the Ministerial Delegation to the Amalgamated Tobacco Company at Anse Des Genets where they were greeted by the Chairman and Managing Director, Mr Ruggles Latimer, General Manager, Mr Steve Khambatta and the Human Resources Manager, Mr Paul Belle.


A guided tour was given to the Ministerial delegation where they spoke to staff members, the majority of whom have been working with the Company for more than 20 years and remarked that they are very happy with their work conditions.


During the debriefing session, the Minister commended the Management on their high staff retention rate. She touched on the necessity for the company to start planning for new staff to succeed those that will be retiring in the near future.


Mr Ruggles informed the Minister that the key to their success with staff retention is that they communicate with their staff on a daily basis and treat them all as part of one big family. He added that the company currently employs two staff members who were previously on the Skills Development Programme run by the Ministry.


The Minister ended the visit by encouraging the Management team to continue with their excellent work and encourage them to share their good work practices that should be a good example for other companies.


The company’s Management team thanked the Minister and her delegation and informed her that they are looking forward to future collaborations.


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