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Tuesday, 09 July 2013 19:10

NHRDC Career Talks in Primary and Secondary Schools

Since the 27th May, the NHRDC has been to different schools in the country to sensitize pupils on the work opportunities that lay ahead of them after secondary and post-secondary education and to inform them on the importance of making the right decision for their future careers bearing in mind the needs of our country. This year, the NHRDC has decided to conduct talks with upper primary school students, namely primary six. All primary six and secondary schools in the Seychelles have been thought of, including those on Praslin and La Digue.



The pupils from Silhouette have also not been left behind despite being part of a very small school, they were catered for in a talk at the Ile Perseverance primary school on Tuesday 2nd July. The talk was given by the Director of Training and Development Section at NHRDC, Ms. Françoise Mein.


After being welcomed by Ms. Mein, the students were given an overview of the role and functions of NHRDC which is to develop human resource to be able to counter the shortages of skilled professionals in the different sectors of the economy.



Addressing the pupils, Ms. Mein explained the importance of assessing their interests and capabilities that will in turn guide them to choose the right post secondary institution to later on choose the right career. She continued by advising the pupils to choose a career they have an interest in. For this, they will have to look at who they are as a person as well as their hobbies to avoid any future career change.


 “If you love planting and gardening you can take up a career in farming or if you love to read and write you can take up teaching or journalism” Ms. Mein explained as she gave the pupils some examples.

Ms. Mein pointed out the consequences of choosing the wrong career path or choosing a career that is not in demand which will result in skills shortages in some sectors and the need for foreign workers. On the same note, pupils were advised to act early and start taking their studies more seriously.


The talk ended with a round of questions from the young pupils where their doubts and uncertainties were clarified. Ms. Mein thanked the pupils for their participation and reminded them again of their importance to the country as they are the future.


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