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Press Releases

Monday, 29 April 2013 14:41

Ministerial visit to Herman Maria Construction Company, Providence

This morning, the Minister for Labour and Human Resource Development, Ms Idith Alexander, accompanied by several high officials from her Ministry visited Herman Maria Construction Company situated at Providence Industrial Zone. This visit is in line with the Ministry's policy of familiarizion with the private sector with the view of enhancing its partnership with this sector.

The Ministerial delegation was greeted by the Administration and Financial Controller, Mrs Cecile Maria who proceeded to take them on a guided tour of the premises. During the visit, the Minister spoke to staff members from Administration, Finance and the Workshop. The majority of them expressed that they were happy with their work conditions.


'I see that many of your staff have been with your Company for numerous years, so whatever it is you are doing to inspire their loyalty, keep it up' commented the Minister to Mrs Maria upon hearing one staff mention that he had been with the company for 35 years.

Discussions focused around the quality and dedication of students from Post Secondary Institutions. Although Mrs Maria acknowledged that there are some very good student and a few of them have even been employed by her Company.

The Minister assured the Company of her Ministry's support and assistance assist with the provision and the recruitment of reliable and responsible candidates when so required.

Mrs Maria thanked the Minister for the visit and added that she is open to the idea of recruiting individuals who have completed or are on the Skills Development Schemes with the Ministry as well as Secondary 5 students who have expressed interest in Construction should they have a need for new staff.


The visited ended with a viewing of the completed housing units built at Ile Perseverance by the Herman Maria Construction Company which was an opportunity to talk to the workers on site.

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