The Agency for Social Protection met with the press yesterday to explain the new structure by which operations will be run following the announcement of the 2021 budget.

The conference was headed by Brenda Morin, chief executive of ASP and Debbie Celtel, director of operations at ASP.

Prior to concluding the National Assembly’s sitting for yesterday, Speaker Roger Mancienne shed some light on the Club Med employment situation over which there has been public outcry over recent days, reading out a letter from the department of employment.

Following the announcement made by President Wavel Ramkalwan in his State-of-the-nation address last month, a revised Gainful Occupation Permit (GOP) framework is now in place in the attempt to allow more employment opportunities for locals.

The Minister of Internal Affairs Minister Errol Fonseka along with the Chairperson of the National Coordinating Committee on Trafficking in Persons PS Linda William-Melanie hosted their first High level meeting for the year 2021 on Thursday the 4th of February in the Board Room at the Ocean Gate House.

Minis pour Lanplwa ek Zafer Sosyal, Patricia Francourt, ti yer vin devan Lasanble Nasyonal pour reponn kestyon bann manm lo size Unemployment Relief Scheme (URS) ensi ki lo bann dimoun ki pe ganny fer aret travay an vi sitiasyon ekonomik pei.

Representatives of the private sector have been apprised of the new revisions being proposed to the GOP (gainful occupation permit) framework.

This was through a virtual consultative meeting organised by the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Trade along with the Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs.

President Wavel Ramkalawan and his cabinet have made the decision to shut down the Unemployment Relief Scheme.

The decision has come three days after President Ramkalawan has stated in his first state-of-the-nation address last Friday before the Nation Assembly that the Unemployment Relief Scheme (URS) should remain temporary and all efforts should be made by the Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs to make sure that those on the scheme find temporary employment.

Ms Morin (Photo: Anel Robert)

The welfare system in the country has for many years been bleeding money from the government through corruption, and the Agency for Social Protection will no longer be a money pit for government, the new chief executive Brenda Morin has said.

In a joint press interview yesterday with the department of employment, Agency for Social Protection (ASP) chief executive Morin noted that the agency will become stricter when it comes to deciding who will benefit from welfare.