Educating and sensitising both employers and employees on positive work attitudes and maximum productivity in the work place is the aim of a three-day workshop launched yesterday.

The National Assembly yesterday passed the budgets for the Agency for Social Protection (ASP) and the benefits and approved programmes of the ASP in the Appropriation Bill 2021.

The largest sum of this year’s national budget is going towards payments under the benefits and approved programmes of the ASP at a cost of R1,425,544,000.

Minis pour Lanplwa ek Zafer Sosyal, Madanm Patricia Francourt, ek sekreter prensipal pour zafer sosyal Madanm Linda William-Melanie ti dan Lasanble Nayonal yer bomaten pour reponn kestyon bann manm lo bidze departman Zafer Sosyal.

Apre bokou kestyon e plizyer pwen pour klarifikasyon ki bann manm ti leve, sa bidze 31.907 milyon ti ganny laprouvasyon Lasanble.

The Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs has of late last year adopted a stricter stance on the issuance of applications and extensions for the retentions of service for pensioners, on account of the current economic crisis, and the sheer volume of job seekers available on the domestic labour market.

The International Affairs Committee (IAC) of the National Assembly met with representatives of the social affairs department to review the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on a Communications Procedure before it is brought forward before the House for ratification.

This year’s World Social Work Day is being celebrated on the 16th March and the theme is Ubuntu: I am Because We are – Strengthening Social Solidarity and Global Connectedness.  This concept, as highlighted by the President of the International Federation of Social Workers, Silvana Martinez, “resonates with the social work perspective of the interconnectedness of all peoples and their environments.”  It is through solidarity and interconnectedness that we exist and are able to bounce back, especially now during the current pandemic.   

‘Let’s come together to uplift our women especially those that are facing difficulties to cope with the challenges of life’


“March 8 is a special day on the calendar celebrated each year to pay homage and honour our amazingly brave and resilient women of this world. For the past year we have truly seen how much strength our sisters, mothers or wives possess to be able to get back on their feet despite many adversities brought about by the situation we are living in. It takes perseverance but through their maternal instincts their thoughts are always geared towards providing for self and family no matter how hard life can get

A long line of people along the verandah of Oceangate House waiting to go in the Employment Services office yesterday (Photo: Louis Toussaint)

People looking or seeking assistance for jobs are being urged to get registered with the Employment Services in the Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs.