Minis pour Lanvironnman, Sanzman Klima ek Lenerzi, Flavien Joubert e Minis Lanplwa ek Zafer Sosyal Patricia Francourt ti fer en vizit kot bann laferm dan sid Mahé, prensipalman Au Cap.

The Seychelles Trading Company card programme will be phased out gradually and Praslinois will be the first to move away from the system as the outlet on the island will be closing down on June 15, 2021.

• 81 employees for Constance group are here for two months only

 As of May 14, 2021, there are 745 jobseekers that have been registered with the Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs. 580 are from Mahé and 165 from Praslin.

This was revealed by Benilda Cupidon, the director general for labour migration, in a press meet held yesterday at the Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs. Steve Monnaie, director general for labour relations, also attended the meeting.

The cabinet of ministers last week approved the initial report of the optional protocol of involvement of children in armed conflict, the principal secretary for social affairs, Linda William-Melanie, said in a press conference yesterday.

Seychelles signed the protocol in January 2001 and ratified it in August 2010.

The United Nations Committee for Children's Rights gives a timeline for each country to report on the implementation of its protocol and Seychelles will soon submit its report.

The Agency for Social Protection met with the press yesterday morning at the STC conference room to discuss the amendments made to the ASP Act 2011.

Details regarding the amendments were presented by the chief executive, Brenda Morin.

The Minister for Employment and Social Affairs Patricia Francourt was joined by Attorney General Frank Ally, principal secretary for Social Affairs Linda William-Melanie and Chief executive officer of the Agency for Social Protection (ASP) Brenda Morin during the National Assembly’s sitting on Wednesday, to make a declaration with regard to the management of cemeteries, and arrangements for funeral services.

During yesterday’s National Assembly sitting, Minister Patricia Francourt, responsible for employment and social affairs, appeared before the assembly to clarify questions and concerns with regard to her ministry.

In relation to Hon. Desheila Bastienne’s question pertaining to the employment situation in Seychelles at present, Minister Francourt maintained that the situation pertaining to formal employment is positive, especially now that businesses are recovering due to the pickup in tourism arrivals, although she also noted that it is yet to return to the level it was prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

‘Our children need us to guide them, support and nurture them into responsible citizens’

 “Dear Children, let your special day start with the blessings of our Heavenly Father so that you remain safe under his protection to be happy and spend an enjoyable day.

“Once again, because of the Covid-19 pandemic your day will be different, with the absence of festivities at your schools. This is an opportunity for you to reflect on your circumstances; what you want to achieve and how you will go about achieving them. It is also an opportunity for you to realise that things are changing worldwide and that decisions that adults made on our behalf may not make you happy (eg. Not going to school) but they are made with the best intention of you being protected. Therefore, as children, you need to protect yourselves from harm as well.