The Seychelles Community Training Institute (Secti) is currently hosting a three-day training for job seekers without any prior qualification or work experience. ‘Create employment for myself’ is a project done in collaboration with the Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs and is being held at Secti’s office at Roche Caiman.

According to the facilitators, Marie-Nella Azemia and Monica Servina, Secti is expecting to train four batches of students.

“Right now, many people do not have a job, not because they do not want to but because they do not have the adequate qualification. We see the various job adverts in the newspaper asking for candidates with qualifications, thus leaving a group of people behind and aggravating the poverty situation. Secti decided to submit a project to the Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs in order to train four groups of people,” explained Mrs Azemia.

The aim of this training is to give practical information to the job seekers mainly in the field of baby-sitting, care givers and housekeepers. The participants are learning about work ethics, budget management, values such as tolerance, honesty and obedience to the law.

“Many who are in the training are beginners in the world of employment. We are helping them understand the laws relating to being employed,” noted Mrs Azemia.

They are also learning about customer care in order to better prepare them for when they get employed. Secti hopes after the three-day training, the participants will be ready to be employed. Secti will also help the participants to find a job after the training.

Secti is an institution that provides training facilities and devise training programmes for Seychellois citizens.

Its objective is to help people at community level to participate fully and meaningfully in all that is going on around them either in their neighbourhood, at work or in the country as a whole.

They also encourage participation which can be in the form of contributions through their suggestions in decision-making on various issues of importance and interest to their community.

Secti also acts as a facilitator to organisations by hosting seminars, workshops, talks and conferences so as to develop skills in community participation especially at grassroots level.


Vidya Gappy