Staying productive requires you to focus on keeping things efficient, on stripping out waste and finding ways to streamline processes.

Many workplaces find it difficult to do this which is why the Productivity Unit in the department of Employment has been conducting a series of productivity workshops with the aim of educating and sensitising both employers and employees on positive work attitudes and maximum productivity in the workplace.

A session held on Saturday saw the participation of employees from the Seychelles Credit Union (SCU) and it was facilitated by Maryvonne Francis, head of the Productivity Unit.

The objective of the workshop is to develop an understanding of productivity management, to develop efficiency and effectiveness of the company and give workers tools to develop productivity so that they can contribute more effectively in the development of the workplace.

Ms Francis highlighted the importance of productivity to the economy of Seychelles, stressing that it is a determinant factor of our country’s standard of living and a main source of national income. Consequently, we all share responsibility for the improvement of productivity in workplaces that will ensure that we secure a strong and balanced economic growth.

In these interactive sessions, the SCU staff were sensitised about what it means to work, how the effort put into one’s work affects productivity – for the worker personally, the organisation/workplace and for the economy at large.

The participants were also educated on how they can improve their productivity, with various tips and guidelines related to time management, good service delivery and qualities that foster productivity in the workplace, to name a few.


Christophe Zialor