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ACCS training with Employment Department staffs.

ACCS training with Employment Department staffs.

 Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs


Employment Department


ACCS training with Employment Department staffs.


On 20th September 2021 the Minister for Employment and Social Affairs launched a series of training in collaboration with ACCS, earmarked for all staff of the Ministry to sensitise and create awareness on the topic of corruption, its causes, effects and ways to prevent it. On the 1st October 2021 the final sets of training started, this time for the Employment Department staff.

Minister Francourt was present for the first session. In her remarks for the occasion she expressed her gratitude to ACCS for facilitating the training and made known that it will not be the last collaboration the Ministry and ACCS will have in the fight against corruption practices. She mentioned four important values, ‘’Transparency, Fairness, Accountability and Professionalism that she urged all staff to adopt and integrate in their daily work.


Her key message was for staff to use this opportunity to discuss on the realities of their daily work, to learn and ask questions, building on what they already know and adding new knowledge that will benefit them in their professional life as they move forward.


The Commissioner of ACCS Ms. May De Silva also joined the session, where she shared her wish for the Public service to raise its standards and stay clear from corruption so the country can advance further.

The staff attended in small groups in order to be in compliance with Health restrictions. The sessions ended on 5th October 2021.