Feb 29, 2020 714times

Ministerial Visits for 2019

As part of the Ministry of Employment, Immigration & Civil Status’ ongoing plan to synchronize the partnership between the Ministry and the private sector, the Minister, Mrs. Myriam Telemaque, carried out fourteen workplace visits throughout the year 2019 in different establishments covering most industries, including manufacturing, retail and wholesale and hospitality, on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue.


During her visits the Minister and her delegation interacted with the workers at their workstations providing them the opportunity to freely express their challenges as well as talk about the good practices being implemented by their place of work and ended with briefing with the management.


In this centerspread we provide a review of all the visits conducted last year and will highlight some good practices achieved as a result.


                                       Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort

Berjaya Beau Vallon has been in existence since 1994, one of the oldest hotel in the country. It employs 201 workers, half of which are non-Seychellois with a good number of Seychellois workers with long years of service. The Minister commended them on their long service record, but encouraged for more to be done to improve on retention of new recruits to be able to reduce their component of non-Seychellois workers.


Hospitality Supplies Ltd –HSL

Situated at Bois de Rose with two different sites of business, the company is in wholesale. It employs 32 staff including 14 non Seychellois workers. Despite that many of the line staff are new, but expressed that they are happy to work for the organization. They raised few challenges such as lack of communication, health and safety concerns that if it could be addressed will make their experience and contribution even better.


Berjaya Praslin Resort