Oct 21, 2019 360times

Technical Meeting

Technical Meeting

‘Minister for Employment, Immigration and Civil Status meets with his homologue from the Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment for the People’s Republic of Bangladesh’ on the margin of the auspicious event of the signing of the Bilateral Labour Agreement between the Seychelles and Bangladesh’

Minister for Employment, Immigration and Civil Status Mrs. Myriam Telemaque, in the presence of officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, welcomed the Honourable Minister for Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment, Mr Imran Ahmad and his delegation at Independence House Monday 21st for a technical meeting.  Minister Ahmad was in Seychelles on a 3 day visit specifically for the signing of the Bilateral Labour Agreement between the Republic of Seychelles and Bangladesh. 

A moratorium on the recruitment of workers from Bangladesh was imposed last year in October 2018 until a Bilateral Labour Agreement is signed between the two countries.  This came in the light of many cases that were surfacing as a result of proven unethical recruitment practices going on at both ends.  Since then discussions started to draft the Agreement and the process included a visit by a delegation from Seychelles to Bangladesh led by the Principal Secretary for Employment, Mr Jules Baker.

The technical meeting emphasized the mutual interest of both Governments, to ensure protection of the rights of the Bangladeshi workers, their welfare and good working and living conditions while in employment in Seychelles.  It was added that the implementation of the Agreement is to ensure the workers register with the specified recruitment agencies or with competent authorities in Bangladesh, that they are of the right skills and properly prepared through an orientation programme so that their adaptation to the local culture goes smoothly.

Stating that there were around 21,000 foreign workers in Seychelles by end of 2018, Minister Telemaque said that demand for labour will continue to be high and reassured of Seychelles’ commitment towards treating all workers in Seychelles equally, no matter their nationality.

Minister Ahmad on his part expressed that the agreement will open up for collaboration in other areas including investment possibilities, and that they can also make provisions for Labour in certain sectors like IT, teaching and nursing.  During his visit, he also met with some Bangladeshi workers working in Seychelles and emphasized to them of the requirement to follow Seychelles laws and way of life.

Minister Telemaque welcomed the idea of further collaboration between the two countries.  She particularly spoke about how Seychelles aspires to develop further collaboration with Bangladesh in the field of climate change and Blue Economy.

She acknowledged and recognized the similar difficulties faced by Bangladesh on the effect of climate change and said that Seychelles is open to technical cooperation and exchange in regards to its adaption and mitigation. She added that Seychelles is keen to share experience and Expertise in the fisheries field with the main focus on aquaculture, extending compliments to Bangladesh for the remarkable development in the agriculture sector, particularly in innovative practices and organic farming methods. The interest to negotiate and conclude a Bilateral Air Service agreement between the two countries were also received by Minister Telemaque. Another interest she said is in the tourism sector as Seychelles continues to witness a rise in the number of visitors from Bangladesh, therefore establish and deepen collaboration in the field of Tourism could benefits both countries.

To conclude the meeting Minister Telemaque expressed her appreciation to the officials of both Ministries including the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Consul for Seychelles, for their dedication and commitment in finalizing the Agreement.  Minister Telemaque thanked His Excellency Mr. Imran Ahmad  for his presence in the country towards the implementation of the Agreement, which was in the signing process the same day in the afternoon.

The 3 days visit also comprised of the signing of the Bilateral Labour agreement on 21st October and a visit to Mr. Ralph Hoareau farm at Anse Royale highlighted in hereunder pictures.