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Job Opportunities

5. What are the next steps when approval of post has been granted?

  • The applicant should liaise with the Immigration Authority for issuance of the Gainful Occupation Permit (G.O.P.). A non-Seychellois should not be engaged in any employment other than for the post and with the Employer/Applicant as approved.


  • After one month of employing the non-Seychellois, the applicant should submit one original and three copies of the contract of employment to the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development for attestation, together with a copy of the G.O.P issued by the Immigration Authority, plus an attestation fee of SR750.00 per person.


NOTE: An employer who employs a non-Seychellois worker without ensuring that the contract of employment, which must be a fixed term contract, is attested by the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development or without ensuring that the worker ceases to be in the employment of the employer, unless the contract is, subject to the procedure of employing a non-Seychellois worker, extended or renewed, is guilty of an offence under Section 76(2) (a) of the Employment Act 1995 and liable to fine of SR 20, 000 under Section 77(1).

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