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Job Opportunities

7. What happens when a non-Seychellois workers’ G.O.P is revoked, has expired or fails to comply with the conditions ?

The person may become a Prohibited Immigrant (PI) under Section (19) 1(d) and may face repatriation or deportation to their home country under Section 23 (2) (b) of the Immigration Decree (1979).


3. What are the relevant documents you should attach with the application form?

  • Proof of vacancy advert (More Info)
  • List of respondents to the advert
  • Updated Establishment List with all information as required on the form
  • CV of prospective post-holder, if already known
  • Business License issued by Seychelles Licensing Authority, where applicable (Link)
  • Company’s Certificate of Incorporation
  • Copy of Gainful Occupation Permit (G.O.P) in the case of renewal applications
  • Marriage Certificate if married to a Citizen of Seychelles
  • Evidence of salary payment (where applicable)
  • List of approved projects and their duration (where applicable)
  • Accommodation Certificate from Ministry of Health
  • Localization/Succession plan and/or training plan (where applicable)

8. What constitutes as an offence for a non-Seychellois under the Employment Act 1995?

  • Under the Seychelles Immigration Decree and the Employment Act 1995, it is an offence for a non- Seychellois to engage in any kind of employment without a valid Gainful Occupation Permit.


  • A non-Seychellois should not be engaged in any employment other than for the post and with the Employer/Applicant as approved.

9. What penalties are issued to anyone found in breach of the conditions outline in the Employment Act 1995?

  • Any person who is found guilty for such an offence and any person who condones or assists any non- Seychellois to be gainfully occupied without a valid Gainful Occupation Permit shall be liable to a fine of SR 40,000 (Section 77 (2) of Employment Act 1995)
  • A surcharge of SR 400 per day may be imposed in the case where an application for the renewal of the validity of a G.O.P is submitted after the expiry of the current G.O.P (section 77 (3) Employment Act 1995).
  • Repatriation / deportation

The person may become a Prohibited Immigrant (PI)

Section (19) 1(d) and Section 23 (2) (b) Immigration Decree (1979)

6. Can you appeal if approval of post has not been granted?

Yes. You may appeal to the Minister for Labour and Human Resource Development within a period of 7 working days from the date of the decision. An employer who fails to appeal within the specified time frame loses the right to appeal.


Employers are advised that the timeframe to submit another application once the appeal process is over is 6 months and above.

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