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How do you bring a case before the Employment Tribunal ?

• You must have followed the workplace grievance procedure if available at your workplace.

• You must have filed your grievance at the Industrial Relations Section with the Ministry for Labour and Human Resource Development and the matter will go through mediation.

• If an agreement is not reached between the two parties, i.e., employer and worker, a certificate will be issued by the Employment Officer who presided over the mediation process to certify that that mediation has failed.

• It is only after receiving this certificate that you can file your case at the Employment Tribunal. It should be noted that you can only file a case for the grievance which failed at mediation.

• You can collect a copy of the form on which to file your case from the Employment Tribunal Office.

• You will have to pay a registration fee of SR200 to lodge a case with the Employment Tribunal. You have 30 days after mediation have failed to register your case at the Employment Tribunal.

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