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Job Opportunities

Can I choose to be trained in any field that I want?

No, you will only be trained in areas for which there is a demand on the labour market.

Can I change my field of training while on the programme?

This can be taken into consideration by the Labour Department and the Employer if there are valid reasons for doing so.

What will happen if I do not complete the programme?

The trainee will receive only a letter of reference but will not be qualified to graduate on the programme and receive a certificate.


Do I have to wait until I complete the programme to get full employment ?

If good progress is shown and the training organization is satisfied and wishes to employ the trainee before he/she completes his/her training same is encouraged by the Ministry.


Can I join the programme if I am in a full time job?

No, the programmes are designed for the jobseekers without working skills and working experience.


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