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Job Opportunities

Job Seeker Registration

To Register as a job seeker a person must be:


  • A Seychellois
  • Between 15 to 62
  • A jobseeker must contact one of the following private employment agencies for registration
  • Job Plus Employment Agency – Ocean gatehouse - 4322020
  • HEG Employment Agency – Roche Caiman -2783781
  • SMS Employment Agency – Anse Aux Pins Community Centre - 2833377
  • For the purpose of registration a job seeker will need to provide the following:
  • Name , address, date of birth, contact details, NIN
  • Education/Training and Employment certificates
  • Reference of last Employment
  • Qualification, previous worker experience and choice of occupation
  • During registration, the officer assess the jobseeker’s choice of occupation on the basis of counseling.
  • Once the registration form is completed, the jobseeker is issued with a job Card.
  • A job seeker should produce his/her job card to the employer when seeking employment.
  • Once a job seeker has obtained employment the employer retains the job card and return to the respective agency.
  • The purpose of a job card is to gather Labour Market Information






Frequently asked questions for the Labour Monitoring and Compliance Section

Applying for a job

  • A job seeker must hold a valid job card
  • A job seeker can apply for a job through an Employment Agency
  • You will need to bring along your CV or any relevant documents
  • The Agencies will forward details of job seekers to the employer upon closing date of advert
  • In cases where an employer does not seek the services of an employment agency, a jobseeker can apply directly to the employer
  • Method of application can be in a standard application form
  • It is the responsibility of the employer to contact the applicants for interview


       “Always be prepared for your interview”


Powers of Inspection Officers

Inspection Officers from the Labour Monitoring and Compliance Section have the following powers as per the Occupational Safety and Health Decree, Chapter 151;

a) Enter at any reasonable time (or at any time in a dangerous situation) any premises which he/she has reason to believe it is necessary for him to enter,


b) Call for and obtain the assistance of a police officer if he/she apprehends any resistance to the exercise of his/her powers.


c) Take with him any other person duly authorized by the Minister, and any equipment or materials.


d) Make such examination and investigation as may be necessary.


e) Take such samples, measurements and photographs and make such recordings as he may consider necessary.


f) Require any person who he has reasonable cause to believe to be able to give any information relevant to any examination or investigation under paragraph (d) to answer such questions as the officer sees fit to ask.


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