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Employment Tribunal

The role of the Employment Tribunal is to hear cases relating to employment and labour related matters and deliver justice.

The function of the Employment Tribunal includes:

  • Having exclusive jurisdiction to hear and determine employment and labour related matters
  • Hearing and determining, without prejudice, matters relating to employment and labour that have not been successful at mediation, if a party to the dispute instigates such matter.

Procedure for filing a case with the Employment Tribunal

  1. You must have followed the workplace grievance procedure if such a mechanism exists at your work place.
  2. You must have filed a grievance at the Industrial Relations Section with the Ministry for Labour and Human Resource Development and have it mediated.
  3. If both parties do not come to an agreement, a certificate will be issued by the Employment Officer to certify that that mediation has failed.
  4. It is only after receiving this certificate that you can file your case at the Employment Tribunal. It should be noted that you can only file a case for the grievance which failed at mediation.
  5. You can collect a of copy of the registration form in order to  file your case from the Employment Tribunal Office. You will have to pay a registration fee of SR200 to lodge a case with the Employment Tribunal.
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