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Job Opportunities

Consultative Meeting with Representatives of Construction Companies, Maison de Mahe

A consultative meeting was held on Saturday 25th May at the Maison de Mahe between Government representatives and a number of construction companies in line with the Government’s ongoing consultative process aimed at addressing some of the concerns raised in recent weeks by the Truck Operators Association.


The Government felt that this meeting was necessary to give the Construction sector an opportunity to respond to these concerns and in turn, this will assist the Government to better understand these issues and where feasible, implement measures that will satisfy all parties.


The Contractors were given the opportunity to voice out their concerns in response to the issues raised by the truck operators as well as suggest their own proposed solutions to the issues.



The meeting was chaired by the Minister for Finance Trade and Investment, Mr Pierre Laporte.


Also present at the meeting were the Minister for Home Affairs and Transport, Mr Joel Morgan, the Minister for Labour and Human Resource Development, Ms Idith Alexander, high officials from these respective Ministries, representatives from the Seychelles Licensing Authority, and the Office of Fair Trading.


A number of recommendations from the side of the construction companies were put forward during the meeting. The Government suggested that given the differences in the proposals of the two sides, a meeting be held between the construction companies and the Truck Operators Association, which the government would facilitate, to allow them to put forward their concerns through a further consultative process vis-a-vis each group’s mode of operation with a view to come to a favourable and shared solution.


One of the other positive outcomes of the meeting was a suggestion by the construction companies to revive an association for the sector. This move was highly welcomed by the government as it will facilitate consultations.


The meeting ended with the Ministers noting that, ‘The government will take on board your own concerns and recommendations and they will be presented before the Consultative Committee along with those from the Truck Operators Association which will all be taken into consideration before making any decision’.


Validation workshop of the national employment policy

The Validation Workshop for the National Employment Policy came to a close on Friday 17th May 2013, with the presentation of proposals from the working groups and the way forward from the Tripartite Panel.

The Tripartite Panel consisted of officials from the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development and representatives from the employers and workers’ organizations.



The employers and workers’ representatives expressed their appreciation for having been consulted and involved in the technical review of the National Employment Policy, this in turn has instilled in them a sense of ownership towards the Policy.

On the part of the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development, it was advised for the Consultant to meet with members of the private sector at the next Human Resources Forum, scheduled for the end of May, to seek their views before the policy is finalized, given that the private sector has an important role to play in implementing the Policy.



The Ministry reiterated their commitment towards implementing the policy, promoting and disseminating key principles and objectives of the Policy to the population.

The ILO representatives pointed out that the workshop “was very participatory, very consultative and very positive.”

All agreed that the deliberations were very informative and relevant to the proposed strategies of the Policy. The Ministry thanked the ILO for their technical expertise throughout the review process of the Employment Policy for Seychelles.


The overall outcome of the validation workshop was successful and has contributed in moving closer towards the adoption of a new Employment policy for Seychelles.


Minister for Labour and Human Resource Development meets with former president

The Minister for Labour and Human Resource Development, Ms Idith Alexander was warmly welcomed by the former President, Mr James R. Mancham at his residence Glacis-sur-mer on Monday 11th March 2013, to discuss pertinent issues in regards to employment.

In this vein, a comprehensive Manpower Policy; non-Seychellois workers and productive employment were the main issues discussed in relevance to the growing challenges on the labour market.

Former President Mancham pointed out that it is imperative for the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development to work in close collaboration with the Ministry of Education, with the view to achieve their common objectives. Meaningful consultations between the two Ministries will ensure that the education system and tertiary training respond to future needs of the industry, thereby ensuring that Seychellois are employable and benefit from the job opportunities available in the country.


In this regard, it was mutually agreed that the Ministry should continue to ensure proper management of non-Seychellois workers and provide conducive working conditions to retain graduates.

Former President Mancham also welcomed the opening of the Mont Royale Centre as he advised that drug abuse is indeed affecting our workforce and livelihood of many individuals. Further to this, it was suggested that we need to continuously educate the population, especially workers in the tourism industry on the right attitude to ensure that customer service in local tourism establishments is of quality and reflects the brand that is being promoted for the country.

It was also proposed by Mr Mancham for topical issues in relevance to employment to be discussed at round table discussions, so that the general public has the chance to share their views, whilst the Ministry is given the opportunity to clarify certain issues, so that the population is well informed on the policy direction of the Ministry.

Minister Alexander expressed her appreciation towards the relevant points raised by Former President Mancham. The Minister reassured Mr Mancham that strategies to address these challenges are already incorporated in her Ministry’s action plan for this year. Both agreed to further pursue collaborations in the future and to support the Ministry’s objectives for the betterment of the country.

Ministerial Visit to Herman Maria Construction Company Providence Industrial Zone

This morning, the Minister for Labour and Human Resource Development, Ms Idith Alexander, accompanied by several high officials from her Ministry visited Herman Maria Construction Company situated at Providence Industrial Zone. This visit is in line with the Ministry's policy of familiarizion with the private sector with the view of enhancing its partnership with this sector.

The Ministerial delegation was greeted by the Administration and Financial Controller, Mrs Cecile Maria who proceeded to take them on a guided tour of the premises. During the visit, the Minister spoke to staff members from Administration, Finance and the Workshop. The majority of them expressed that they were happy with their work conditions.


'I see that many of your staff have been with your Company for numerous years, so whatever it is you are doing to inspire their loyalty, keep it up' commented the Minister to Mrs Maria upon hearing one staff mention that he had been with the company for 35 years.

Discussions focused around the quality and dedication of students from Post Secondary Institutions. Although Mrs Maria acknowledged that there are some very good student and a few of them have even been employed by her Company.

The Minister assured the Company of her Ministry's support and assistance assist with the provision and the recruitment of reliable and responsible candidates when so required.

Mrs Maria thanked the Minister for the visit and added that she is open to the idea of recruiting individuals who have completed or are on the Skills Development Schemes with the Ministry as well as Secondary 5 students who have expressed interest in Construction should they have a need for new staff.


The visited ended with a viewing of the completed housing units built at Ile Perseverance by the Herman Maria Construction Company which was an opportunity to talk to the workers on site.

NHRDC talks at the School of Advanced Level Studies

The 19th February 2013 saw the first of a series of talks, aimed at post-secondary school students, for the first year students at the School of A Level Studies. This was delivered by the Chief Executive Officer of the National Human Resource Development Council (NHRDC) who was accompanied by a Human Resource Officer. This meeting was followed by another one on the 26th February with the second year students at the same school.


The purpose of the talks were to inform the students of the different careers and training opportunities available to them, upon the successful completion of their studies, since many of them were still undecided about which career path they could opt for based on their field of studies.


After being welcomed by Mrs Pillay, the students were given an overview of the roles of the NHRDC which is to develop human resources to be able to counter the shortage of skilled professionals in different sectors of the economy. Ms Francoise Mein, the Director for Training and Development, emphasized that the key to accomplishing this is through the provision of training and education.


The current situation of the labour market was explained to the students and sectors experiencing a shortage of labour, such as Business and Finance, Education, Health, Engineering, Agriculture and Fisheries and Maritime were highlighted. Students were informed of the importance of selecting employment opportunities that are in markets where there is a need or careers that feature on the national priority list.


The reason behind this is because the career choices selected by students and the labour market shortages are cross checked by the NHRDC to be able to compile a scholarship list. This list can then be presented to the students in order to finalise their course.


The different scholarship schemes currently on offer by the NHRDC and the names of the different Universities where students can study were outlined as was the High Achievers Policy.

”This is a policy where students who obtain three straight A’s are awarded a wider choice of where they want to study provided that it is one of the careers featured on the priority list” explained Mrs Pillay.


The talk ended with a round of questions from the students where their doubts and uncertainties were clarified. Mrs Pillay thanked the students for their participation and told them to feel free to visit the NHRDC offices for guidance and counseling should they have any more queries.


The students we spoke to after the presentations said that they found the talk very informative and that they now felt more confident about making their career choice.


During the year, NHRDC will also conduct talks in Secondary Schools and, new for this year, with upper Primary School students so that they will be better informed when it comes to making career and training choices for their future



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