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Grievance Procedure

Grievance Procedure

Step by Step procedure to lodge a grievance at the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development


  • Ensure that you have tried to solve the problem with your employer/employee first
  • Gather all documents relating to your grievance
  • Attend the Industrial Relations Section of the MLHRD, where an Employment Assistant will listen to your problem and give you a form to complete
  • Fill the form (you may do this on your own or with the help of your representative, if any, or of any person of your choice, whether at the MLHRD or anywhere else)
  • Submit the form to the MLHRD. Please note you have 14 days from the date the matter you are complaining about took place to do so. If you have been unable to submit your form within the time limit, you will be required to write a letter to explain the reasons for this lateness. If found justified, you will be able to register your complaint out of time.
  • Pay a registration fee of SR 50 to be able to lodge your grievance
  • You will receive a letter inviting you to the Ministry for a consultation meeting with your employer/employee in the presence of a competent officer of the MLHRD
  • If the date set by the MLHRD is not convenient for you, you may write to the MLHRD to ask for a postponement, stating your reasons
  • The consultation meeting will take place in the Mediation Room of the Ministry
  • The competent officer of the MLHRD will assist you and your employer/employee by pointing out the points of dispute, by encouraging negotiation and by suggesting possible solutions
  • If an agreement is reached, you will be required to put it in writing, so that it can be endorsed and compliance monitored
  • If no agreement is reached, a certificate will be issued to you to prove that steps have been taken to settle the matter by way of mediation, enabling you to file your case at the Employment Tribunal should you wish to do so.
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